Shneor Cheshin, R.I.P

Friday, the 18th of June was a deeply sad and upsetting day. I woke up at 9am from my sister’s phone call, to learn that Shneor Cheshin has passed away in a tragic accident. I’ve known Shneor since I was 13 years old, when he started dating my cousin Danit. I still remember the excitement and pride her brother and I felt that such a strong and intelligent man was joining our family.

A true renaissance man, he showed interest in a variety of subjects and activities, not to mention being an incredible husband, father, son and brother. Much has been said about his love for sport activities and competition, but as you all know me, that is not the subject we had in common.

Shneor admired technology and was curious about it and it’s benefits to him, on a personal and professional level. He was always looking for the next big thing. When he was a law student and I a teenager, I visited his flat and he introduced me to the world-wide web for the first time. With a dial-up connection and yahoo indexed search engine on a Mozilla browser, which he gladly allowed me to explore and to use. Later I would help him out with some networking and database work for his travel agency & diving equipment business. He liked working with people he knew, and along the years we had worked together on several occasions, including re-branding and re-designing his commercial websites. He then hired my girl-friend at the time to graphically maintain those websites, in-order to help her when she was unemployed, rather than having a real need for a full-time graphics designer. It was not the first time, nor the last, he helped out when someone needed it, and the scope of his good deeds is just starting to unfold, as he never spoke about it. Such was Shneor, always the first to help out and take under his wings, not seeking praise or credit, nor something in return.

When Shenor saw something new that interested him or had a technology he wanted to understand, he would sit you down and drill you with endless questions, until he had enough info. At that point he would say “OK, I understand !” , and no doubt, the next time you met, he would have or use that gadget or technology which he enquired about. He was a man of action, from thought to action was only a small step away for him.

With practically no technological background, just his tremendous willpower, persistence and intelligence he ventured into the tech industry, as both an investor and entrepreneur. Most notable is an impressive software house which he co-founded with another relative, with a front-end in Israel and development center in eastern europe. Employing 50 skilled programmers in various fields, and another 50 employees ranging from QA testers, support staff, technical writers to project managers. Much of the credit for the success they achieved goes to him and his tireless efforts to bring forth that success.

I have a deep remorse that we did not get the chance to work together again, as we did so in the past, nor the chance to get to know him even better, as he was truly a unique human being and I feel I only touched the surface with him. I always felt that when I find an idea that would need a business partner, investor or just good advice, he would be the first I would turn to, and knew he would not turn me away. Alas that will never happen, and I must cherish the memories and time I did get to spend with him.

Rest in peace dear Shneor, I will never forget you, and hope I may be of help and comfort to those you loved.

(Shneor Cheshin with Micha Ram – my dad, and Savta Yehudit)

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One comment on “Shneor Cheshin, R.I.P

  1. I join you in every word you have written here, in this warm post. It was interesting to read mostly about this aspect in his life from your point of view, the technology issues, and it shows how kind and curious and full of life, energies and initiatives he was. He will always be on my mind and heart. This tragedy is illogical and enormous.

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