Did Apple Just Open the Door for Flash? (via TheAppleBlog)

Although this news item is more than one week old, and as such would be considered by Steve Jobs to be “Obsolete”, I decided to reblog this for those who missed it and have an interest in iOS development.

Essentially Apple has decided to relax a few harsh restrictions it previously placed into its developers agreement. For example – a restriction on the usage of 3rd party developer tools & languages has been lifted, making it possible to develop an iOS app with monotouch using c#, and perhaps even with Adobe Flash tools.

The second announcement, which perhaps is even more important is that Apple has finally decided to shed some light on their app review process and published the “App Store Review Guidelines“. There are a lot of interesting points, and some are written with very blunt language, making the document more interesting and at times even funny. The document is pretty short, so I recommend reading it through.

UPDATED: Did Apple Just Open the Door for Flash? This came a quite a shock to me, since it seems so impervious to the wailing of developers and consumers alike, but Apple announced today via an official press release that it would be relaxing some of its iOS development restrictions. In a move toward greater transparency, it’ll also publish its App Store Review Guidelines for the first time. To quote Apple: We are continually trying to make the App Store even better. We have listened t … Read More

via TheAppleBlog


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