Celebrities Facebook & Email accounts hacked

According to a story published on Ynet today, hackers of survivor Israel production computers, have allegedly hacked into celebrities personal Email & Facebook accounts. It seemed that during investigation of their prior misdoings, police investigators found traces of this illegal activity, and have issued warnings to scores of public personas to change their passwords and contact the police for further information.

If those personas were using a password manager, such as “LastPass“, they could have probably avoided this horrific invasion of their privacy. This is yet another example of the dangers users face when they get into the bad habit of using the same password for different systems. Learning your password from one system gives hackers the opportunity to hack into your other systems.

Recently I’ve written a post about using a password manager to avoid these sort of attacks. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do so, and pass it along to your friends and family before the same thing happens to them.


2 comments on “Celebrities Facebook & Email accounts hacked

  1. I love last pass! it really has everything that one could hope for from a password manager. Thanks for a great recommendation!

    One feature that I find missing in Last Pass is the ability to auto generate random passwords by the software when registering to a new site. without this feature you still have to come up with a new password by yourself when registering to a new site. and this would probably include the name of your pet or son or wife along with the birth date of one of the above – information that can be easily guessed when someone tries to hack to your computer by scanning your Facebook profile and the profile of your wife/son/pet šŸ™‚

    • Actually lastpass does provide an “auto generate password” feature. It offers you to use it when it recognizes a password field, or you can always bring it up using the plugin menu or context menu (right-click). Check out the video in my LastPass post and you’ll see an example of how it works (Narrated in both English & Hebrew).

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