Newzbin2 – “The Resurrection !”

This goes out to all you NewsGroups (Usenet) lovers, who have been in mourning ever since NewzBin has been shut down. Finally some good news !

The newzbin story has been a drama fit for a “Hallmark movie of the week”, with law suits, court cases, hacker plots, million earned & lost and enough conspiracy theories to make JFK look like a clear cut case, but I’ll try to keep my post simple & concise.

As you all know about a month ago has been terminated, after stuttering for a couple of months, since the hammer of justice reigned down on them with huge fines and a court ruling that made the system virtually impotent and unusable.
Then a rumor started circulating that a group of hackers led by a “Mr. White” called “Team R Dogs” have hacked the site and stolen the source code and the sites databases.
I amongst many others, received an Email from that team, stating they would soon open Newzbin again, and a couple of days ago I decided I would follow up on that promise. When newzbin shutdown they posted a link on their site to a blog which became an information and mourning center for the newzbin community. Because I didn’t remember the blog’s URL I decided to visit to find that blog, and to my shocking surprise I saw the old login page with a new logo entitled “NewzBin2” !
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