Celebrities Facebook & Email accounts hacked

According to a story published on Ynet today, hackers of survivor Israel production computers, have allegedly hacked into celebrities personal Email & Facebook accounts. It seemed that during investigation of their prior misdoings, police investigators found traces of this illegal activity, and have issued warnings to scores of public personas to change their passwords and contact the police for further information.

If those personas were using a password manager, such as “LastPass“, they could have probably avoided this horrific invasion of their privacy. This is yet another example of the dangers users face when they get into the bad habit of using the same password for different systems. Learning your password from one system gives hackers the opportunity to hack into your other systems.

Recently I’ve written a post about using a password manager to avoid these sort of attacks. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do so, and pass it along to your friends and family before the same thing happens to them.


How to protect your online identity using ‘LastPass’ password manager

Recently, I’ve decided to take upon myself a daring new mission – to help those reading my blog to achieve relaxation and peace of mind. You might think I’m planning to instruct you in Yoga or meditation, or perhaps help you obtain prescription medicine or drugs of some kind, but I’m actually talking about the peace-of-mind that you’ll find, when your online identity is protected and your data is securely backed-up.

This mission will be broken into a series of posts starting with this one, which will focus on protecting your online identity. First, let’s begin by understanding the subject.

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