iPad 3rd gen coming soon !

To everyone waiting for the new iPad to make Aliya, here it comes – April 27 !
Btw, I’ve had mine for a month, as I was one of the first to order, and have to tell you that the retina display on the iPad is a true breakthrough that fully delivers.


On its third turn doing a global iPad roll out, Apple(s AAPL) seems to have its supply chain humming along nicely this year. The new iPad, which is already for sale in 35 countries as of today, will be showing up on shelves in 12 new countries this Friday, Apple announced Monday. And by the following Friday, it’ll arrive in nine more countries, for a total of 56 in about six weeks.

The fast roll out stands in contrast to 2011, when the iPad had hit just 39 countries in about five weeks. Besides the fact that Foxconn, Apple’s chief contract manufacturer was struggling to hire enough people to get iPads put together and out the door, there were also supply chain constraints for much of the global electronics industry last spring as a result of the Japan earthquake.

Though Apple’s website shows new orders still take about one…

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Shneor Cheshin, R.I.P

Friday, the 18th of June was a deeply sad and upsetting day. I woke up at 9am from my sister’s phone call, to learn that Shneor Cheshin has passed away in a tragic accident. I’ve known Shneor since I was 13 years old, when he started dating my cousin Danit. I still remember the excitement and pride her brother and I felt that such a strong and intelligent man was joining our family.

A true renaissance man, he showed interest in a variety of subjects and activities, not to mention being an incredible husband, father, son and brother. Much has been said about his love for sport activities and competition, but as you all know me, that is not the subject we had in common.
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