I have a brand new name !

I’ve decided to take this blog to the next level, and i’m officially announcing its new name “Addicted2Tech”, which can be accessed @ Addicted2Tech.org (.net works too).

I would like to thank everyone for their comments, interest and support and special thanks and credit to my friend Mr. Coleman for his extensive support creating this blog and proofing my posts.

Addicted2Tech is moving from its beta hobbyist stage to a professional stage, and I encourage you to start spreading the news to your family & friends through Email, face-to-face conversations, Facebook, twitter, land-line calls, mobile calls and perhaps by shouting it at street walking pedestrians from your car window as your drive by.

There are many features I want to add & expand on, and so much more content I would like to create, and gaining a following will motivate me to do just that, so when I said “encourage” before, what I really meant was “You better, OR else.. !” 🙂

At these early stages I will post some polls to help me better understand your wants and needs, so please take a minute to answer them.

Please raise a toast with me (whatever you have near by, even some stale water you left on your desk will do),

l’chaim !