Kickstarter does it again !

Kickstarter has done it again ! For those of you who don’t know kickstarter let me give you a brief explanation – kickstarter allows you to advertise a product/project you wish to create and raise money to that goal from kickstarters online community. You set a time & money goal and hope for the best. Contributors may pledge you money just for the fun of it or in exchange for a promise to receive the final product, so it’s like the ultimate preorder. Every once in a while something amazing happens there and a new great product is born… this is one of those cases.


iPad 3rd gen coming soon !

To everyone waiting for the new iPad to make Aliya, here it comes – April 27 !
Btw, I’ve had mine for a month, as I was one of the first to order, and have to tell you that the retina display on the iPad is a true breakthrough that fully delivers.


On its third turn doing a global iPad roll out, Apple(s AAPL) seems to have its supply chain humming along nicely this year. The new iPad, which is already for sale in 35 countries as of today, will be showing up on shelves in 12 new countries this Friday, Apple announced Monday. And by the following Friday, it’ll arrive in nine more countries, for a total of 56 in about six weeks.

The fast roll out stands in contrast to 2011, when the iPad had hit just 39 countries in about five weeks. Besides the fact that Foxconn, Apple’s chief contract manufacturer was struggling to hire enough people to get iPads put together and out the door, there were also supply chain constraints for much of the global electronics industry last spring as a result of the Japan earthquake.

Though Apple’s website shows new orders still take about one…

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How to clean a macbook pro keyboard after spilling your coffee on it, aghh!!

Today I started my morning with my usual cup of coffee, but unlike most days I decided that instead of enjoying my morning coffee, it might be better to spill it all over my desk and Macbook pro, aghh !

The one good thing to come out of this, was writing this ‘how-to’ article for my readers, so they know what to do in the event this happens to them too.

The following applies to the aluminum unibody Macbook/pro line, but most of it applies to any laptop.

Phase 1 – First-Aid:

  1. Lift Macbook in the air and flip it upside down so the liquid doesn’t seep inside as much.
  2. Press & hold the power button until it completely shuts down. Forget about doing a ‘safe shutdown’, it’s better to deal with software failures or some data loss, than hardware damage.
  3. Disconnect any cables attached to Macbook.
  4. Safely set down the Macbook on a clean surface.
  5. Get some absorbent paper.
  6. Gently use the paper to soak the spill from your Macbook keyboard. Don’t press hard or the spill will seep into the keys. You can either do this with the Macbook still upside down or flip it back so it’s easier to clean.

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Bug vs iDigital – “The iPad Battle”

It’s been reported yesterday, that the Israeli computer stores chain – “BUG”, will start selling iPads, as early as next week. This is even before the official Apple distributors – “iDigital” are able to do so. BUG will only sell wifi iPads for now, at the following reported prices:

iPad wifi 16gb – 3,799nis & iPad wifi 64gb – 4,899nis. BUG will offer service & repairs by their labs and market the iPads with a one year guarantee, as opposed to the official iDigital Apple labs. That means that if the device is repaired by BUG, that would probably void the original Apple warranty.

iDigital responded to these publications harshly, stating that selling these iPads, without official Apple repair services and support is irresponsible, and even misleading, because the iPads don’t have hebrew support yet. They commented that customers should be patient for a few more weeks, until iDigital start marketing them with the original warranty and at better prices.

I must say, that there is an element of truth to what iDigital is saying, but the picture is not as bleak as they paint it. For example, hebrew support is not officially implemented in the current iPad iOS, but the moment it is updated to support Hebrew, it will work the same for iPads bought from BUG as it would for iPads bought from iDigital. Not to mention, if you decide on jailbreaking your iPad, you can pay 8$ (~30nis) for unofficial Hebrew support by Tom Zickel, which is satisfactory for most users.

Regarding pricing – although prices might, as iDigital say, be cheaper with them – they would still be not as cheap as buying them abroad. So, unless you can get them that way, I would listen to iDigital and wait a bit longer. Having said that, I love my iPad dearly, and i’m really glad I didn’t need to wait for Apple to stock it’s official distributors here.

Welcome back, !

The latest jailbreak, released yesterday by @comex, is finally here. Now, you can upgrade and jailbreak all your iDevices (iPhone, iPods and iPads), especially those iPhone 3GS’s that were waiting for this jailbreak, in-order to upgrade to iOS4, or iPads running 3.2.1 and iPhone 4’s. iPhone 4’s aren’t relevant yet here in Israel, but the 3GS’s definitely are, not to mention loads of new iPads coming in.

This jailbreak procedure is the simplest imaginable, and as the title of this post implies, it’s not the first time it’s been used.
Here’s what you need to do: goto from your mobile safari, where you’ll find a site designed to look like a native iPhone screen, with an iPhone looking slider control at the bottom. When you use the slider, the website will send the jailbreak data to your iPhone and carry out the procedure. The whole process takes about one minute, and it works for all firmwares since 3.1.2.

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