iPad 3rd gen coming soon !

To everyone waiting for the new iPad to make Aliya, here it comes – April 27 !
Btw, I’ve had mine for a month, as I was one of the first to order, and have to tell you that the retina display on the iPad is a true breakthrough that fully delivers.


On its third turn doing a global iPad roll out, Apple(s AAPL) seems to have its supply chain humming along nicely this year. The new iPad, which is already for sale in 35 countries as of today, will be showing up on shelves in 12 new countries this Friday, Apple announced Monday. And by the following Friday, it’ll arrive in nine more countries, for a total of 56 in about six weeks.

The fast roll out stands in contrast to 2011, when the iPad had hit just 39 countries in about five weeks. Besides the fact that Foxconn, Apple’s chief contract manufacturer was struggling to hire enough people to get iPads put together and out the door, there were also supply chain constraints for much of the global electronics industry last spring as a result of the Japan earthquake.

Though Apple’s website shows new orders still take about one…

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Did Apple Just Open the Door for Flash? (via TheAppleBlog)

Although this news item is more than one week old, and as such would be considered by Steve Jobs to be “Obsolete”, I decided to reblog this for those who missed it and have an interest in iOS development.

Essentially Apple has decided to relax a few harsh restrictions it previously placed into its developers agreement. For example – a restriction on the usage of 3rd party developer tools & languages has been lifted, making it possible to develop an iOS app with monotouch using c#, and perhaps even with Adobe Flash tools.

The second announcement, which perhaps is even more important is that Apple has finally decided to shed some light on their app review process and published the “App Store Review Guidelines“. There are a lot of interesting points, and some are written with very blunt language, making the document more interesting and at times even funny. The document is pretty short, so I recommend reading it through.

UPDATED: Did Apple Just Open the Door for Flash? This came a quite a shock to me, since it seems so impervious to the wailing of developers and consumers alike, but Apple announced today via an official press release that it would be relaxing some of its iOS development restrictions. In a move toward greater transparency, it’ll also publish its App Store Review Guidelines for the first time. To quote Apple: We are continually trying to make the App Store even better. We have listened t … Read More

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iPad supply catching up to demand (via Fortune Tech)

A couple of months ago when I bought my iPad with the help of my brother-in-law who lives in Texas I had to buy it through craigslist because they were out of stock in all the apple stores and various retail chains. Because Apple weren’t able to meet the high demand for iPads, they delayed their international launch, and for us in Israel it seemed like it was never going to happen. Now that demands are being met and shipping time dropped significantly I’m much more hopeful that soon we’ll be able to buy iPads here through apple’s official Israeli distributer.

iPad supply catching up to demand Shipping delays have quietly shrunk from 5-to-7 business days to 3-to-5 days The iPad shortages that delayed the launch of the iPad 3G and pushed back the international roll-out by a month have finally started to ease. In a note to clients issued Wednesday, Susquehanna Financial’s Jeff Fidacaro notes that iPad shipping delays, wh … Read More

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Bug vs iDigital – “The iPad Battle”

It’s been reported yesterday, that the Israeli computer stores chain – “BUG”, will start selling iPads, as early as next week. This is even before the official Apple distributors – “iDigital” are able to do so. BUG will only sell wifi iPads for now, at the following reported prices:

iPad wifi 16gb – 3,799nis & iPad wifi 64gb – 4,899nis. BUG will offer service & repairs by their labs and market the iPads with a one year guarantee, as opposed to the official iDigital Apple labs. That means that if the device is repaired by BUG, that would probably void the original Apple warranty.

iDigital responded to these publications harshly, stating that selling these iPads, without official Apple repair services and support is irresponsible, and even misleading, because the iPads don’t have hebrew support yet. They commented that customers should be patient for a few more weeks, until iDigital start marketing them with the original warranty and at better prices.

I must say, that there is an element of truth to what iDigital is saying, but the picture is not as bleak as they paint it. For example, hebrew support is not officially implemented in the current iPad iOS, but the moment it is updated to support Hebrew, it will work the same for iPads bought from BUG as it would for iPads bought from iDigital. Not to mention, if you decide on jailbreaking your iPad, you can pay 8$ (~30nis) for unofficial Hebrew support by Tom Zickel, which is satisfactory for most users.

Regarding pricing – although prices might, as iDigital say, be cheaper with them – they would still be not as cheap as buying them abroad. So, unless you can get them that way, I would listen to iDigital and wait a bit longer. Having said that, I love my iPad dearly, and i’m really glad I didn’t need to wait for Apple to stock it’s official distributors here.