New Safari V5 Released

The new safari version 5 has been released a couple of days ago, and for you lucky mac owners it’s waiting in “software update”, and for you unlucky windows strugglers, it’s waiting at

It’s faster than everything else according to apple, but that’s not really that interesting for me. There are actually 3 features that are interesting, which I want to cover.

The first is the new “Reader” function which is an attack on un-standerized web layouts & web advertising. As we all know, every news site we browse has a different layout and almost all of them are littered with an enormous amount of flash & gif animated ads not to mention google ads. What the reader feature does is very simple, it gives you a simplified and clean from all bullshit view of the article you are trying to read. It looks like a “Quickview” extension for the web. I’ve tried it on many sites and it works beautifully, as you can see in the following video I created browsing Ynet.

After switching to “Reader” View you can than zoom in/out text or chose to mail or print this clean view. It’s pretty amazing and I know you’ll love it !

The second feature is actually much more of a “let’s catch up to the rest” feature, rather than a “let’s reinvent something !”. Safari finally has the ability to be enhanced with Extensions rather than plugins. It’s the difference between writing complicated C based code, by a relatively small group of developers, to writing Javascript/css code that has a huge developers community as it’s much simpler. This has been around for ages in firefox and other browsers and it’s about fuckin’ time Apple caught up. The only difference now, is that Apple requires extensions to be certified by them through their developers connection program, and is aimed at providing secure extensions.

The third and last is again a “catch up” feature, regarding the address bar, which will now match what you write to any part of the URL or the page’s title, and not just to the beginning of the URL.┬áThe search is carried out against both History & Bookmarks URLs.
It was a very annoying to have this feature missing from Safari, and it’s pure joy to finally have it.

As alway comments are more than welcome !

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