Facebook Places launched.. Foursquare the big loser ?

Facebook launched its much anticipated location-based features yesterday, called Facebook PlacesFacebook Places lets you check-in to places and share your location with your friends, much like Foursquare (currently places is available only in the US).

Back in April, rumors surfaced that Facebook (among others, including Yahoo & Microsoft) tried to acquire Foursquare for more than $100 million, but Foursquare resisted in favor of a $20 million cash investment from a venture capital fund.
Even though foursquare check-ins will also push updates to Facebook Places, I believe users will prefer to use Facebook Places rather than go to yet another service – and considering the huge users base and popularity of Facebook – it seems like Facebook Places will eventually crush Foursquare and that Foursquare will be very sorry they didn’t accept the offer.

Mashable posted an interesting article about Facebook Places, that includes a useful how-to section:

How to Use Places

First of all, you or a Facebook friend in your group will need a smartphone. If you don’t have an iPhone, you’ll have to use the Facebook touch mobile site on a browser that supports both HTML 5 and geolocation.The company does plan to roll out Android and BlackBerry versions of Places, but they haven’t released any specific dates for those releases yet.To use Places, go to the Places tab on the iPhone application or touch.facebook.com. You’ll first be asked if Facebook is allowed to know your location. Once you click “allow,” you’ll enter the Places interface. From there, you can share your location with friends, find out where your friends are (if they’re using Places), and discover new places near you.You can add places, check in to places that already exist, and tag people who are with you. If you’re checking in for a group, make sure you tag your friends before you checkin, yourself. For example, I added my house and checked in there. I then opened the Places page for a nearby sushi restaurant, tagged my boyfriend, and checked us both in there.

A Field Guide to Using Facebook Places [Mashable]


Windows Live Wave 4

Although this post’s subject is already “old news”, I have reason to believe that many of you might have missed it , possibly because the media has dealt unfairly with Microsoft. Even though they have reportedly higher earnings than Apple & Google put together and still dominate many markets, they have received significantly less press than the other two companies.

Ok, moving on… Microsoft has recently released its latest update to their desktop software & online services branded “Windows Live“. This suite of products is separated into three:

  1. Web Services Applications – branded “Windows Live Online“.
  2. Desktop Applications – Branded “Windows Live Essentials“.
  3. Mobile Application – Branded “Windows Live for Mobile“.

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